2021: Advances in Science, Technology and Engineering Systems Journal

A Design of Anthropomorphic Hand based on Human Finger Anatomy

DOI: 10.25046/aj060448

Zixun He, Yousun Kang, Duk Shin

In the past decade, multiple anthropomorphic prosthetic hands have been developed to replace the role of human hands. Prostheses should not only replace the functions of human hands in functionality but also replicate human hands in appearance and sense of body-belonging intuitively. Human fingers have very delicate and complex structures, and it is these complex structures that make our hands dexterity. This study proposes a design based on the anatomical characteristics of the human hand. The proposed design replicates human fingers from bones, ligaments, extensor hoods, and extensor mechanism of tendon, intended to develop a prosthesis that has the same flexibility and appearance as human hand. To evaluate the performance of the proposed prosthetic in daily life, we conducted grasping experiments on common objects. It is successfully proved that the proposed design helps to improve the grasping performance of the artificial hand and has a natural appearance. In this paper, our design succeeds to improve the grasping performance of the artificial hand and gain natural appearance.

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